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Kimberly is an instructor for the

Christ Healing Energy (CHE) Certification Program

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Have you heard of Energy Healing?


The concept of spiritual or energy healing, although it has been around for centuries, has become more familiar to people seeking healing over the last few decades. 

Healing is traditionally thought of in the physical sense. However, healing can also be mental, emotional and/or spiritual. 

People draw on different energies for this healing. Some draw on the universe, ancestors, spirit or other forces for this healing.

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What sets Christ Energy Healing (CHE) apart from other practices?

Christ Healing Energy (CHE) is the structured form of the Christian practice of the "laying on of hands". Christ Healing Energy Practitioners, most importantly, connect directly to Jesus Christ and allow His power to move through or around them, allowing their clients to receive the healing that the Lord has deemed necessary for them.


Our students learn how to apply the fundamentals of energetic healing in conjunction with Christian Biblical principles as given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ.

All healing comes from Him.


Christ Healing Energy (CHE) is the beginning of your journey in discovering yourself and your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


How do I become become a Christ Healing Energy (CHE) Practitioner?

Kimberly is a certified Christ Healing Energy (CHE) instructor and holds classes for the Christ Healing Energy practitioner 2-day certificate course throughout the year and are usually held on weekends.
The current course cost is $570.

A student manual is provided and practitioner certificates are mailed following completion of the course.

Registration & Scheduling

The first step for the Christ Healing Energy (CHE) practitioner course registration is to contact Kimberly at She will then schedule a brief call to determine if this is a good fit for both of you. Upon acceptance into the Christ Healing Energy (CHE) practitioner certificate course, you will be scheduled for an in-person or online remote class depending on your choice, locale and availability.

For those seeking to receive the healing energy of the Lord and SaviorJesus Christ, through a Christ Healing Energy (CHE) session, Kimberly is currently offering in-person sessions by appointment only at the email address. stated above. The CHE session fee is $120 and is 45-60 minutes in duration.

Christ Healing Energy (CHE) is a registered trademark of Guided Passages LLC.


We do not discriminate against anyone based upon sex, gender, religion or any other parameters. We do, however, reserve the right to  not enter into a contract with or terminate a contract with anyone at any time.

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