"The only limits that exist are in your mind."

In everything we do, we believe that we have the ability to individually create and live the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence that we most desire.  


The way we guide you to create this is by empowering you to take control and to master the physical processes in the body, the patterns of the subconscious mind, the emotions that are driving your behavior and the spiritual connection that allows you the infinite source of energy, strength and focus.


We teach this to you by getting to the root cause of the blockages that have gotten you to where you are now and give you the tools to realize the life that you know is waiting for you.

How do you work with us? Send an email and we can jump on a call to see if this is a fit for both of us. I look forward to hearing from you!



Understanding the subconscious mind is key in removing old patterns and stories that keep us stuck. In any circumstance, we have the potential to create new habits to move us in the direction of having the life that we desire. 


We guide clients to identify limiting beliefs and emotions and re-write these patterns to allow the mind and body to heal itself. I provide tools to empower people to create change at home so that after our time together, they can independently maintain their success. 


As a Spiritual Healer, We use my intuitive gifts to identify and release blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. 

Being a Reiki Masters/Teachers, we use energy to identify areas of imbalance and assist the body in balancing itself. I find that guided meditation is very powerful and allows people to open their mind to remove blockages and restore flow. We also use sound and imagery to guide people in allowing their mind, body and spirit to move into a balanced space.

As ordained ministers, we use the process of “Laying of Hands” as we believe that all healing comes from Jesus. We find this to be very powerful in allowing people to receive the healing that they are divinely meant to receive. 

How do you work with us? Send an email and we can jump on a call to see if this is a fit for both of us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Disclaimer: I am not a Medical Doctor. Therefore I can not claim that I, nor the modalities that I use, will treat, diagnose, or cure any medical conditions. Always check with your medical doctor before using any devices or tools that may impact your health. Additionally, always check with your medical doctor before beginning a new regimen when you have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. This includes my devices, tools, and regimens. Lastly, read the product manual thoroughly to understand proper device usage and contraindications.