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Press Release Kimberly Lynch


Natural Balance, LLC Announces Launch of New Flagship “Balanced Mom Program” for New Moms and Soon-to-Be Empty Nesters


New moms and seasoned moms getting ready to launch their kids into life can reclaim their identity and be a pillar of strength for their family through the “Balanced Mom Program” available in May 2020

Fort Collins – The Balanced Mom Program by Kimberly Lynch of Natural Balance, LLC supports new moms and seasoned moms getting ready to launch their kids into life. It was created to help mothers balance their mind, body and spirit, which then empowers them to be a strong model for their family. The program will be available online starting May 2020.

Lynch shares, "We need to model the behavior that we want our kids to have. Even though you cannot always control what circumstance presents itself, you can control how you show up. You have the ability to create patterns to ensure you show up at your best every time."

In today’s world, feeling tired, anxious, depressed, exhausted or simply bogged down by daily life has become normalized, especially for moms. This can make it difficult to recognize the underlying issue – an imbalance in life. Lynch’s passion is to help moms balance their stressors to reach their optimal potential. To accomplish this, the new program will teach mothers tobuild mental balance, physical strength and employ self-love.

“I have my life back! After two my two kids moved out of the house, I thought I'd have more energy. However, I still felt exhausted and anxious every day. Working with Kimberly has completely transformed me! I now have so much more energy and feel confident instead of anxious. I am now a better parent, wife and human over all!” -Nicole 

“[Lynch] helped me to get to the root of my problem quickly to relieve all of the stress and anxiety in my relationships. I walked away with a completely different perspective!” -Natalie

Lynch believes that people are so much more than their current state and situation. “We are continually limited by old beliefs, stories that we tell ourselves and patterns that we run without even realizing it. By removing limiting beliefs and re-patterning the mind, you can create a new mindset that allows you to thrive."

After being involved with holistic modalities for over 20 years, Kimberly Lynch founded Natural Balance LLC in 2015. She provides guidance, support, and tools to transform lives. As a stress management specialist and spiritual healer, Lynch gives people the tools to allow their mind, body and spirit to do what they were meant to do naturally. She employs methods like Quantum Biofeedback, Homeopathy, TIME Techniques, Laying of Hands, Hypnosis, Sound Healing, and more. 


Lynch has a Business degree from Colorado State University (CSU) and holds certifications as a biofeedback specialist (CBS), Stress management specialist (SMS), Success and Life Coach (CSC), Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (PNLP) and Clinical hypnotherapist (CCHt). She’s also a licensed spiritual healer and Reiki Master.

Contact Info:

Name: Kimberly Lynch 


Organization: Natural Balance, LLC

Phone: 970-691-5602


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